Seva Express 30 Minute Focus Session

Experiencing pain or decreased function due to stress or injury? No time for a full-body session? A Seva Express massage may be the solution. Your therapist will address one to two focus areas to help alleviate your discomfort and improve mobility and function. This is the perfect option for guests seeking upper body work only and those who are suffering from a specific injury such as frozen shoulder, hip dysfunction, migraines, etc.

30 Minute Session: $59

60 Minute Massage

This 60 minute treatment is designed for total relaxation. Your circulation and energy level will increase as your muscles relax and loosen. This is a full body massage. If you have a focus area that will require more attention, we recommend you either book a 90 minute session or ask your therapist to concentrate on the focus area in lieu of a full-body treatment. 

Member Price : $89
Non-Member Price : $119

60 Minute Hot Stone

Hot stone therapy is a therapeutic massage that incorporates the use of smooth, flat, heated stones during the traditional 60 minute session. This service is recommended for guests who wish to relax and ease tense muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. The therapist can utilize the stones to apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing discomfort. 

Member Price : $109
Non-Member Price : $139

90 Minute Massage

This 90 minute treatment is designed for guests who are looking for a full-body massage. Your session begins with a personal consultation, allowing the therapist to customize your experience. Various massage techniques will address your trouble spots, stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation and induce deep relaxation which ultimately leads to full body stress relief and healing. 

Member Price : $119
Non-Member Price : $149

90 Minute Hot Stone

The 90 minute hot stone massage allows guests to experience the signature 90 minute massage with the addition of a hot stone treatment. Your therapist will use heated river stones to provide isolated deep heat at strategic points on the spine, back, hands and feet. Muscles warm and relax with the combination of deep, penetrating heat along with the pressure of massage. 

Member Price : $139
Non-Member Price : $169

2 Hour Massage

Seva's signature 120 minute massage allows your therapist to focus on providing a thorough and comprehensive massage that addresses multiple areas of the body. This treatment will help release muscle tension, reduce anxiety and stress, and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Add hot stones or essential oil therapy to this session for the ultimate experience.

Member Price : $149
Non-Member Price : $179

Sports Massage

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, experiencing a sports massage can enhance flexibility, aid in recovery from a sporting event, and help prevent injuries from occurring. If you have a sports-related ache or injury, or are looking to take your game to the next level, book a sports massage today. Your therapist will utilize various techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve recovery, as well as improve overall range of motion and flexibility to support safe and effective movement. 

Member Price : $89/60 minute session
Non-Member Price : $119/60 minute session

Pregnancy Massage

Growing your family can be a joyful time. However, pregnancy can result in a myriad of complaints including back and hip discomfort, insomnia, increased anxiety and fatigue to name a few. Our specially trained therapist will use massage techniques and positioning aides to help improve your muscle and joint function, reduce inflammation and swelling, and relieve pain and fatigue.  This service is designed to  reduce anxiety, help with symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, while improving labor outcomes and your newborns health. 

60 Minute Member Price : $95
60 Minute Non-Member Price : $125

90 Minute Member Price: $145

90 Minute Non-Member Price: $175

Couples/Duet Massage

Relax and unwind with a loved one or friend. You will experience the same relaxation, rejuvenation, and pain relief of an individual massage while bonding with your partner. Whether you are looking to enjoy a mother/daughter experience, a friends day out, or  increase feelings of connection with your partner, a couples/duet massage provides individual benefits while boosting your bond as companions. Please call or text the spa directly to book to ensure the duet room is reserved for this service.

Member Price : $179/60 minute session for 2
Non-Member Price : $239/60 minute session for 2

Member Price: $239/90 minute session for 2
Non-Member Price: $269/90 minute session for 2

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