Inquiring Minds Wish to Know:

I had a membership at the previous spa located here. Is that still applicable?

We know change is not always easy, and we want all our guests (new and veterans) to feel welcome at our spa. Current memberships will be honored! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask a spa staff member. 

How do I know which service provider is best for me?

Every provider has an extensive background of education and training. Here at Seva, we employ a team of highly skilled professionals. Please see our About page to find more information on each of our providers. We feel confident that you will enjoy working with all of our staff; if you are looking for a special modality or service feel free to speak with a Seva staff member for recommendations. 

Do I need to wear something specific or do anything special for my visit?

We recommend all guests eat a small meal prior to services. It can be difficult to relax with an overly full stomach or hunger pains. 

Massage can enhance the effects of alcohol, so keep drinking to a minimum. We encourage guests to increase fluid intake after services to help with the recovery. 

No special attire is required for any services as you will undress to your comfort level for treatment. Additionally, we ask that you do not arrive for your service after heavy physical activity without showering first.

Oh no! I can't make it to my appointment or I'm running late! What now?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee extensions of scheduled treatment times for any late arrivals and we cannot allow any guests to start their service without the required paperwork. 

Please understand that when you forget to cancel or rebook your appointment, we miss the opportunity to offer your appointment time to another guest. Your provider will be on site for the scheduled treatment and will also miss out on the opportunity to earn their commission if you fail to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment. 

We understand life happens and sometimes adjustments need to be made. We ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations or changes, free of charge. If you cancel or rebook less than 24 hours before your session, you will be charged a $40 change fee. 

Clients who miss their appointments and do not call to notify us prior to the booking time will be charged in full for the scheduled service. 

*If you believe you have a special circumstance, please ask to speak with Seva management and give us the opportunity to work with you. 

Do you have a cell phone policy?

We ask that all guests silence electronic devices prior to entering the facility. If you need to accept or make a call, we ask that you step outside to help preserve the relaxing atmosphere for all guests. 

If you have extenuating circumstances please let the font desk know at check in. 

Does the facility offer shower and dressing stations?

Unfortunately, Seva does not have shower facilities. Restrooms are available for guest use. You will be provided ample private time in your service room to undress to your comfort level prior to your service and redress after your service has ended. Robe and slipper services coming soon! 

Can I bring my children? 

Unfortunately, Seva does not have an onsite childcare center, nor is there an appropriate space for your child to wait for you. We ask that you secure other arrangements prior to your service. 

How early do I need to arrive to my scheduled appointment? 

Here at Seva we ask guest to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to ensure guests receive the full scheduled service. An intake form must be completed and signed by all guest and reviewed by the provider before treatment begins. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to receive spa services? 

Per Texas regulations, a written consent of a parent or guardian is needed to provide services to a person under the age of 17. At Seva, guests under the age of 16 require a parent or guardian to accompany them in the service room. Please call us to book services for minors to ensure the appropriate booking.  

I loved my service, but how much is an appropriate amount to tip? 

Tipping is always optional and appreciated. Seva Day Spa pays all providers a fair market rate for the services they provide. However, if you feel your provider did an exceptional job, an 18-25% gratuity is considered standard.  Service providers receive 100% of all tips (paid at check-out with cash or card) or given directly to your provider. 

Will I be fully draped during services. 

The State of Texas requires all licensed massage therapists and massage establishments  to use professional draping that assures the pubic area, genitals and breast remain covered during your treatment. Medical breast massage and body waxing require a signed release before treatment begins. 

What are contraindications for massage? 

If you are concerned that you may have a health-related condition that might prevent you from receiving services, please contact Seva by phone or email to discuss with a licensed provider.  Certain conditions may allow the provider to complete the service while avoiding a specific area.  However, other conditions may result in harm to yourself or others if the service is provided.

Examples of partial or full contraindications: 

Does Seva accept insurance, medicare, medicaid or care credit? 

No, Seva Day Spa does not accept insurance or care credit reimbursement.